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qr codes in resl estate
Dynamic QR Codes in Real Estate

How realtors can use QR codes?

By combining the power of technology with the expertise of a realtor, 50% of buyers were able to find their dream homes on the internet and 28% through a realtor. This combination of resources allows buyers to reap maximum benefits.

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What are the different types of QR Codes in real estate?

There are many types of QR codes in real estate supercharged by Veecard blocks.




Why Real Estate Agents And Realtors Love QR Codes?

Realtors and real estate agents love QR codes because they instantly share their portfolios with potential clients. With a few simple scans, clients can quickly view all the properties available for sale or rent in a specific area, making it easier to find the perfect property.

QR codes also help realtors and agents dispense property information quickly and easily. With a single scan, customers can access detailed information about a property, such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, nearby amenities, and more. This software technology helps make the property search more efficient and effective, as customers can learn more about potential homes in a shorter time.

Furthermore, QR codes also make it easier for realtors and agents to share their location with clients. With a simple scan, clients can get directions to the office or property, eliminating the need for lengthy conversations about directions. This saves time and energy for both parties, making it easier to schedule meetings, tours, and other important events.

Finally, QR codes are a great way for realtors and agents to offer virtual tours of properties. With a single scan, customers can view the property's photos, videos, and 3D tours.


What are you able to do with QR codes in real estate?

One effective way to use dynamic QR codes in retail is to offer customers discounts and rewards. By creating a unique QR code for each customer and linking it to a loyalty program, retailers can offer customers discounts and rewards when they scan their code. This action encourages customers to keep coming back and helps to create a more loyal customer base.

Increase Website Traffic

Link to your landing pages with a Website QR code, and you will drive more traffic online to your business.

Online Checkout

Online shoppers can purchase the product they are interested in and have it shipped straight to their door. To get started, place a QR code on the product packaging.

Get in touch with customer service.

What is worse than low sales? An unhappy customer. Customers can use an SMS QR Code or Call QR Code to contact the customer service department directly from their shop.

Redeem Royalty Points

You don't need to wait in line at the checkout to register your customer for VIP programs. Instead, customers can scan a QR code and enter their details instantly. In addition, with Veecard's intuitive platform, you can retarget shoppers online via Google and Facebook if they scan your QR Code.

Get special offers and discounts

For seamless shopping, link your discount codes with the QR Code. Your customer can also purchase the item online using the coupon code applied at checkout.

Social media visibility can be increased

Social media is the best way to make connections in this digital age. With a social media QR code, you can have your customers like, follow and interact with you on social media. For example, you can direct your customers to your Facebook Messenger account with a QR Code.


The popularity of customer-backed inventory is growing. For example, Amazon's 4-star Amazon store implemented it, and customers love when retailers try to incorporate their feedback.

Navigate to the retailer

QR codes in retail stores can assist customers in finding their way to the store when paired with OOH advertisements. Customers no longer have to remember the address or worry about getting lost using a QR code linked to Waze and Google Maps.

Boost app downloads

Do you have an app? A QR Code is the best way to get your customers to download the app. Then, they need to scan the QR Code to download the app from their App Store.
Increase app downloads by using in-store traffic

Contact information for sharing

Retailers can encourage customers to save their data on their mobile phones by using a vCard QR code. This eliminates needing to hand out business cards or manually keep the information.


More Reasons Why Realtors and Real Estate Agents Love QR Codes?

Realtors and real estate agents are always looking for ways to increase their sales and streamline the home buying experience. QR codes have become an invaluable tool, providing a dynamic and efficient way to connect customers to their real estate services. Here are ten reasons why realtors and real estate agents love QR codes:

Effortless to use

QR codes are effortless to use. All home buyers need is a smartphone with a QR code reader installed, and they can instantly access property information, open houses, or a virtual tour with just a scan. This method makes finding the property information they want much simpler and more accessible for home realtors to track their customer’s behavior.


QR codes are incredibly affordable to implement. QR codes are relatively low-cost and can be quickly deployed by the real estate professional on various mediums, such as posters, flyers, and digital displays, compared to other forms of marketing or advertising. As a result, real estate sales professionals can quickly reach potential customers and drive more sales.

Better Home Buying Experience

QR codes help to create a better home buying experience. By using dynamic QR codes, real estate agents can quickly provide customers with detailed property information, open houses, and even virtual home tours. This technology helps customers make more informed decisions while providing real estate professionals valuable feedback.


QR Codes can do many things, from making a phone call to providing discount codes, making payments online, and much more. You can also explore other QR Codes offered by Veecard.

Tracking and Analytics

Realtors and real estate agents love the ability to track and analyze customer interactions with QR codes. It’s easy to see how often customers are scanning codes, which codes they’re scanning, and what kinds of conversions you’re getting from these scans. This data can be invaluable in helping you optimize your real estate marketing campaigns and create better experiences for your home buyers and sellers.

Easy Deployment

Real estate agents and realtors love QR codes for the ease of deployment and the ability to track and analyze customer interaction. A simple scan of a QR code can provide your customers with access to a website, a real estate information page, or even an exclusive real estate event. With Veecard's dynamic QR codes, you don’t need to waste time printing special offers or to deal with paper-based real estate marketing materials. Instead, you can offer home buyers and sellers quick and easy access to whatever you want them to see.

Consumer Awareness

By deploying QR codes, realtors and real estate professionals also benefit from increased consumer awareness. When home buyers and sellers and other real estate professionals can easily access additional information with a simple scan, they’re more likely to engage with your brand and real estate services. As a result, this technology leads to increased sales and repeat customers.

How are QR codes used in real estate marketing?

QR codes, or quick response codes, are becoming increasingly popular in real estate marketing. They provide potential buyers with quick and easy access to property information from their smartphones. By scanning the code, buyers can instantly learn more about a property without physically visiting the location.

Real estate agents use QR codes to share property details with potential clients quickly. This technology helps to make the process of finding a new home faster and easier. By placing the code on a property's for sale sign, agents can provide buyers with a wealth of information about the home, such as its features, local amenities, and even virtual tours.

Further, QR codes also come in handy when it comes to listing open houses. Agents can place a code on a window or door to give buyers easy access to the exact address and details of the event. This lets buyers quickly get the necessary information without searching through paperwork or online listings.

In today's market, real estate agents are always looking for ways to stand out and attract more buyers. By using QR codes to promote properties, agents can quickly and easily provide potential buyers with the information they need to make an informed decision.

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